Uniqueness and singularity is an integral part of success. And when it is shared by colleagues and partners, it becomes priceless.
The secret of AMRpro OÜ`s success is in uniting in its team people who are trying to be useful.
Staff and clients are one big team, and in such teams it is common practice to help and support each other.
Staff search service will help your business in providing the necessary human recources, from seasonal workers to urgently needed specialties.
We are ready to offer you employees of the following professions:

  • – Employees of manufactoring companies.
  • – Transportation workers.
  • – Handymen.
  • – Janitors.
  • – Assembly-line workers.
  • – Foremen.
  • – Production operator.
  • – Warehouse worker.
  • – Forwarding agents.
  • – Order pickers.
  • – Sticker maker.
  • – Packers.
  • – Loaders.
  • – Drivers of loading and unloading operations.
  • – International drivers.
  • – Employees of metalworking.

Using the service of personnel search, you will ransfer part of the work of AMRpro OÜ, thus you will recieve high-quality and fast execution of tasks.
The effectiveness of this service is obvious the manageability of the staff will increase, as the bilateral control will be carried out, both by your company and directly by employees of AMRpro OÜ.