Accounting and taxation

Today, tax optimization is not only a great way to increase the profitability of the oganization, but also an effective tool for competitive activity.
An organization that has managed to legally reduce its tax liabilities, initially is in more favourable conditions in relation to competitors with a higher tax burden.
The company AMRpro OÜ will help to ensure the economic security of the enterprise, reduce taxes, while remaining within the law.

  • – Accounting and consultations.

Consulting on these issues helps to solve a number of importants tasks, including the organization of the tax process to minimize and optimize tax payments,
reporting in compliance with the requirements of current legislation, as well as the settlement of possible disputes with regulatory authorities.

  • – Accountancy restoration.

Accounting is a continuous that must be restored if it was interrupted or was not property carried out.
Accounting restoration is a set of measures to restore the „running“ accounting onthe basis of newly created or existing primary documents,
as well as bringing the accounting in the proper form according to the requirements of the current legislation of Estonia and the EU.

  • – Preparation and submission of zero accounting balance.

Zero accounting balance – one of types of financial data reporting, which is prepared for the period of complete absence of commercial activity from from the enterprise.
All enterprises are obliged to prepare and submit zero balance report, as well as to submit the relevant documents to the regulatory authorities within the terms established by law.
Our experts are ready not only to make zero balance report, but also to conduct a rapid assessment of the results of your company`s activities to confirm the legality of the preparation of zero balance report for your company.
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